Make us Your Partner in Progress!

Large search firms deal with many clients and are unable to really focus on any one client.  Our smaller size and focus allows to deliver concierge type service with that little extra personal touch that makes all the difference.  We will always be there when you need us the most. We appreciate that your building your business to succeed in today’s competitive landscape and that it’s quintessential to hire the right people at the right time! The Nugget Group (TNG) will help you do that by increasing your appeal and magnetism. We do this by enticing people with the vision of how it could be. We learn your business and what makes it tick; then we make it tick harder and faster! We are  your Partner in Progress.

Our Services

Retained Executive Search

Reserved for positions with base salaries in excess of $200,000. Mission critical roles that demand the attention that can only be given with 100% focus in a retained format. Our executive search division offers the best of retained search & contingency search. By commanding 1/3 of the fee up front we have the requisite evidence our client is serious about partnering with us. By not demanding 1/3 in the middle of a mandate like normal retained firms we evidence our commitment and confidence we are up for the task. The remaining 2/3’s of fee is only due once we have earned our strips and the incumbent has started his/her job.

Contingency Executive Search

TNG delivers to its clients 129+ cumulative years of experience matching people and opportunity. Our goal is a unique search experience that delivers predictable and recurring results. We do so by leveraging our 54,000+ person vetted data bank with the vast pool of prospective job seekers to our clients gain in a contingency fee format.

Contract Executive Search

TNG is dedicated to delivering to its clients the best possible just-in-time / on demand staffing experience. Through our vast network we have the ability to draw upon 54,000+ people, which allows us to ramp up quickly for short or long term projects.

Recruitment Advertising

Sometimes this can be the best and most cost effective approach. We help our clients develop the proper messaging to tell their story about why people should consider making them their next green pasture. We help them find the best ways to spread the word through social media, online channels, events and a range of creative materials we develop for them while managing the flow of incoming job seekers.

Technical Interviewing Training

Some of the people / clients we deal with are new to technical interviewing. They lack the macro view to fully understand what their hiring managers are doing and thus how to interview what they are looking for properly.  This is where we can step in and do 1 on 1 training either on the phone or Skype. This value add service is performed free of charge under our concierge umbrella. For large groups that require on-site training we only ask that our travel expenses be covered.

Leverage Our Vast Network And
Innovative Process To Hire Faster!

Our roots in Information Technology have led us to building expertise in eight hand-picked markets. In these markets we have team leaders with deep domain experience. All our staff is indoctrinated in our concierge service delivery commitment. As a team we are all committed to building a unique solution for both Job Seeker and Employer. Our proven in-take process combines 129 years of cumulative experience with today's technology giving you the better of two worlds. Old fashion direct recruiting that delivers fast recurring results for all parties. Call us today to see how we can help you get where you need to be!

Our Specialties

Information Technology Practice

Our cornerstone practice where we have the deepest roots. We successfully leveraged our success in SAP to general I.T. and in servicing I.T. were were asked to help in other enterprises of our client’s.  We realize we can not be all things for all people/companies but we strive to be the best in the practices we claim expertise in. We understand the importance of hiring top-notch I.T. talent. Our Technology team is focused on making every search they undertake a unique hiring experience for the interested parties. Our Technology Team Leader cut their teeth on COBOL, CICS & DB2. Riding the SAP wave to a Big 4 career rising to the partner level. Educated in India and the USA with an BS in Computer Science & Master’s Degree in Computational Mathematics.

Contract Practice

TNG is dedicated to delivering its customers the best possible just-in-time staffing experience. Through our vast network (54,000+ professionals and growing daily) we have the unique ability to draw upon a pool of proven sub-contractors which allows us to ramp up quickly for short or long term projects.

Engineering Practice

Our Engineering Team Leader has worked for NASA, an auto manufacturer and a Big Four engineering practice. Equipped with a Master’s Degrees in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

Finance & Insurance Practice

Our Finance & Insurance Team Leader has worked in one iconic bank and one revered Insurance provider. Promoted up the ranks in both environments prior to joining a Big 4 consulting practice. Armed with a MBA, B.A. in Finance, his Series 7, 66, 31 and CIP certifications.

Human Resources Practice

Our Human Resources Team Leader has deep experience in the HR arena in union and non-union environments. Her sterling education includes a  Master’s & Bachelor’s degrees in Human Resource Management.

Life Sciences Practice

Our Life Sciences Team Leader has been employed by two of the largest biotechnology & pharmacology companies in the world. Working closely with many consultants led her to joining a Big 4 Life Science Practice. Back-boned by a BS & Master’s Degree in Chemistry.

Sales & Marketing Practice

Our Sales & Marketing Team Leader started as a copywriter for a New York ad agency. Rising to account management and then marketing executive with a fortune 50 company. Well rounded with a Bachelor in Arts and an MBA.

SAP Practice

TNG is proud to be one of the first Executive Search Firms in North America to identify SAP as an emerging technology and vertical market. Our fist SAP placement was a R2 Consultant in 1991.  We placed IBM’s 3rd SAP employee in Canada and went on to help build their Federal Practice in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Our Canadian success caught the attention of IBM US and as they say the rest is history. Since inception, TNG has placed hundreds of SAP candidates with all the top tier SAP logo partners as well as the who’s who of the Fortune 100 in both Canada & The United States.