About The Nugget Group

The Nugget Group is an Executive Search Firm that specializes in Information Technology throughout the North America. TNG understands that hiring the right people at the right time is essential in today's fast paced world. To do so TNG has refined a process that matches people and opportunity seamlessly by integrating proven direct-recruitment techniques with today's digital and social media recruitment tools. TNG works with top-tier talent across multiple industries, from start-ups to the Fortune 100. TNG's vast opt-in community of 59,775 vetted candidates that grows daily provides us a record of trust delivering high probability referrals. This sourcing method builds partnership that are timeless. We offer a simple value proposition in the hope of earning your patronage.


We can respond to any request with qualified candidates within 72 hours. This is made possible by our ability to share your need with our large opt-in community. If we are not currently working with the correct candidate our community allows us to seek referrals or references that can lead us to what you need.


We are "old-fashion head-hunters" that go directly to the source while leveraging today's digital and social media recruitment tools. We have refined an intake process that produces predictable recurring results. 

Value Add Collateral:

Every candidate resume we present is accompanied by our proprietary Candidate Profile. Your hiring team (HR & line management) will come to rely on our Candidate Profile as it details the candidates real skills. We vet the technical skills they profess to have competency in and then score their true technical ability. This thorough approach mitigates wasted interview time.


Technologists We Place

  • Next Gen ERP
  • Enterprise Intelligence
  • Blockchain, cognitive, analytics
  • Digital reality, b2b, b2c, web
  • Digital Marketing
  • IoT, SCM, Machine Learning
  • Business Management (ITBM)
  • Performance Management
  • Strategy & Operations
  • Data Management
  • Open Source, PaaS, SaaS, IaaS
  • HCM, AI, RPA
  • Infrastructure, Architecture, Automation
  • Cloud Technologies / Cloud Transformation

Markets We Serve