About The Nugget Group

The Nugget Group is an Executive Search Firm that specializes in representing SAP/IT resources. We understand that hiring the right resource at the right time is essential to earning a return on your investment. TNG represents an opt-in community of 60,000+ vetted candidates providing us a record of trust while delivering fast reaction times. Our process matches resources to clients seamlessly by merging proven direct-recruitment techniques with digital and social media recruitment tools. We represent top-tier talent from multiple industries. We delivery high-probability candidates to our clients on demand in the hope of earning your patronage now and in the future.


We can respond to any request with qualified candidates within 72 hours. This is made possible by our ability to share your need with our community. If we are not currently working with the correct candidate our community allows us to seek referrals or references, leading us to what you need.


We are professional recruiters that go directly to the environments where the talent you seek is currently employed. We identify and hand pick your next star. We promote you and bring to the table a vetted interested prospect.


Every candidate resume we present is accompanied by our proprietary Resource Profile. Your hiring team (HR & line management) will come to rely on our Resource Profile as it details the candidates real technical skills. We confirm the skill/ competency the candidate professes to eliminate wasting your hiring teams time. This approach produces predictable recurring results.

Technologists We Place

  • Next Gen ERP
  • Enterprise Intelligence
  • Blockchain, cognitive, analytics
  • Digital reality, b2b, b2c, web
  • Digital Marketing
  • IoT, SCM, Machine Learning
  • Business Management (ITBM)
  • Performance Management
  • Strategy & Operations
  • Data Management
  • Open Source, PaaS, SaaS, IaaS
  • HCM, AI, RPA
  • Infrastructure, Architecture, Automation
  • Cloud Technologies / Cloud Transformation

Markets We Serve