About The Nugget Group

The Nugget Group offers concierge Executive Search from 3 offices in Canada & United States. We have nurtured a time-tested process that delivers bespoke talent acquisition campaigns tailored to the unique needs of the Fortune 500. Our opt-in candidate community surpassed 58,078 vetted CV's this year and grows 7.9 vetted CV's per day. We delivery high-probability candidates on demand in a recurring predictable fashion. If we are not currently working with the correct candidate our community allows us to seek referrals or references in real time leading us to what you need with an embedded record of trust. We are professional recruiters that go directly to the environments where the talent you seek is currently employed. We identify and hand pick your next star. We promote you and bring to the table a qualified interested prospect. Our average fill time is less than two weeks with a motivated client.